The combination of the following contributes to making the Model OL5300 Dryer energy efficient

Model OL5300 Main Features

• Cooling Section Air recirculation
• VFD on all motor
• Most efficient burner on the market
• Automatic Moisture Control
• Bed dept adjustment

1. Recycling and re-circulating heated air accounts for 40% of heat utilized in the drying process. Learn More!
2. VFD feature on each electric motor – this feature ensures that you can dial back all the drier if full energy is not required. Learn More!
3. Automatic moisture control – This ensures that there is no overdying on any of the grain therefore saving energy – and ensuring #1 grades on all grain.
4. Grain Dept control –with this great feature You are in complete control of the depth of the grain on the bed and also on static pressure.
• 30% moisture corn requires more static pressure that 22%.
• A heavy and dense wheat crop can be set with a thin depth.
• This dryer lets you set the depth from 5” – 16”.
• Correct Static pressure setting results in consistent Drying and energy savings.
5. Low emission Burner - The Maxon NP-1-LE burner was released back in 2001. It was specifically developed by Maxon at the time to meet the requirements of the state of California which has the most stringent emissions requirements in North America back then and still to this day. Also low CO and Low NOx were as well as SO2 were at the time becoming areas of importance especially in the food and in the paint industries for direct fired applications which is another reason for its development.