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About Oakland Products Ltd. Manufacturing Team
Created by a great Team of skilled individuals Researching, Designing, Engineering, and Manufacturing the new 2020 V Drive Grain and Seed Dryer. Oakland Products has evolved from a long history in manufacturing, welding, sheet metal work, 3D Drafting, Grain drying, electronics, assembling – This team of experienced people have worked diligently to build the ultimate Grain Dryer.
Environmental impact
Our dryer is low profile, Low noise, It has Dust control – its overall quite operation makes for a very comfortable environment around the complete operation. It uses Maxon Burners – for the best emission performance on the market
Saving money when shipping the unit anywhere
The dryer was designed to completely unbolt the top end of the dryer from the bottom – therefore saving money when shipping the unit anywhere – its designed to be moved on site without having to spend money on removing Hydro lines or to have to long of set up time on site - etc.

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